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Sleeping pills, no sleeping dogs lie never far enough away...
Classic Cat and Mouse conflicts from the silver screen

‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' featuring David Meowie.

As the allies approach the camp, all prisoners are prompted to form lines outside the barracks, including sick and moribund ones. The climax of the film is reached when Celliers (MEOWIE) breaks the rank and walks decidedly in Yonoi's direction to stop the Japanese mouse cutting off a cat’s head, only to end up resolutely kissing him in the cheek with a straight face. This is an unbearable offense to Yonoi's bushido honor code; he reaches out for his katana against Celliers, only to collapse under the conflicting feelings of vindicating himself from the offense suffered in front of his troops and his own feelings for Celliers, who is subsequently sentenced to death. It also has Christmas in the title.

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Major Jack 'Strafer' Celliers от девиантартовского юзера 1ndajone5

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Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence